Environmental & Social Policy

Belform Nigeria Limited (BNL) Engineering activities will be planned and executed in such a way as to:

  1. Have a minimal impact on the environment and at same time maintain social responsibilities within all the company’s business locations including offices and project
  2. Safe guard the environment by carrying out our projects in such a way that our actions do not endanger the surroundings and its ecosystem.

In pursuance of this policy. Belform has been training its staff at all levels so as to create awareness in issues of environmental and social responsibility as it affects its operations.  The Management is responsible for providing leadership in the area of this policy while staff are also made accountable for the implementation of the policy objectives having been given the responsibility and strengthened with expert advice both in training and execution.

The policy focus on Environment is aimed at prevention and control.

Recently, Environmental impact Assessment (EIA) has become part of all our project scope of which BELFORM has the capacity of carrying out.  Clients are required to undertake EIA before the final location of all plants is concluded.

Belform’s environmental and social commitments include the following:

  • Comply with applicable national and international environmental and social management regulations as relates to environmental sustainability, labor and working conditions as well as Community, health safety and security;
  • Develop and implement designs for waste re-cycling.
  • Impact positively through our works, on the environmental while uplifting the social and economic benefits for the community hosts.
  • Develop and implement employee awareness program on environmental issues and promote
  • Responsible behavior, thereby helping employees to positively impact the environment in their work lives;
  • Environmental and social sustainability principles as an integral part of our procurement process and ensure contractors and suppliers also comply;

Thus, the slogan of BELFORM for this policy HAS BEEN: “Towards A Safer Environment….”