Our Brands

BEFORM also has the franchise for reputable equipment manufacturers in Europe and South Africa. This has given us the agency for Fuel Dispensing Pumps, Flow Meters, Valves, Sewage Treatment Plants, Blowers and Pumps:

  • Ideal Pumps of Spain.
  • Hick Hargreaves Blowers of UK (Ingersoll Rand).
  • Ncotec Fuel Dispenser Pumps of Greece.
  • Wayne Pumps of USA.
  • Flow-mon (Flowmeters) of UK.
  • Z-Tide Valves of Taiwan.
  • Pure Aqua (Packaged Water Treatment Plant) of USA.
  • PIASA (Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant) of Spain.
Ingersoll Rand
Arkon flow system